The fourth edition of FISH & CHIPS Film Festival ended with the AWARD CEREMONY of Sunday 20 January at Cinema Massimo, during which the films won the Best Feature Award, the CIELO - THE BODY OF SEX Distribution Award assigned to the best documentary, and again the awards for Best Short Film and Best Short Film XXX.

The festival was inaugurated on Thursday 17 January at Room 1 of Cinema Massimo with Adina Pintilie's docu-film Touch Me Not and the 4-day program offered 70 films including competitive sections and special screenings, as well as exhibitions, workshops and meetings.



The jury of the Feature Film Competition composed by Titta Cosetta Raccagni (video artist), Davide Ferrario (director) and Sandro Avanzo (film critic), assigns:

* Best Feature Film (1.000 €)

SEX TAPE by Antoine Desrosières (2018, France, 98 ')
MOTIVATION A film that manages to combine a strong and explicit theme with a style of great lightness, supported by a group of surprising actresses and actors. Without abusing graphisms, he addresses the issue of sex among second generation immigrant teenagers, making us discover a world with ironic social and gender critique.
SYNOPSIS What did Yasmina, a slightly unlucky teenager, do in the car with Salim and Majid? It would seem that he took advantage of the absence of his sister Rim for ... well ... let go. Too bad that everything is finished in a movie that the two use to threaten it. But Yasmina turns out to be brave and bold and, what seemed like a possible drama, becomes for her the beginning of a new life. Unconventional comedy on the shaming slut presented at Cannes 2018.

* Special Mention *

FUCK THEM ALL by Maria Beatty (2017, France, 75 ').
The story of a sexuality that overcomes every identity and category, which confuses and shifts an idea of normative sex in a direction of openness and inclusion.

* Special Mention *

CUMPER by Rosario Gallardo (2018, Italy, 59 ').

A film that cancels the differences between private life and artistic experience. Far away, but close to independent foreign productions, it is appreciated for the honesty of creative thrusts in which the aesthetic aspect takes second place to the needs of experimenting and experimenting.

* CIELO - THE BODY OF SEX Distribution Award (three-year contract with the free-to-air channel Cielo for The Body of Sex programming slot)

THE ARTIST & THE PERVERT by Beatrice Behn and René Gebhardt (2018, Germany / United States / Austria, 96 ')

MOTIVATION For the realism and irony with which the documentary reveals to us that love is freedom and a path of self-discovery, even in contrast with one's deepest social and political convictions. The protagonists Georg and Mollena have maturedly broken the chains of their politically correct values on race, gender and exploitation and have consciously given shape to their love. The slave collar that Mollena wears represents the true freedom that both have chosen to live. Who is the artist and who is the perverse does not count.

SYNOPSIS George Friedrich Haas is a well-known Austrian composer, the son of Nazi parents. His partner Mollena, an African-American kinky educator. In the life of a couple he is the dominator and she is the slave and muse, in a bond s & m that generates doubts and misunderstandings in the people around them ... Love, art, perversion are linked to still taboo themes such as the concept of race and domination in the closing documentary of the last Pornfilmfestival Berlin.


The jury of the Short Film Competition composed of Séverine Petit (breeder and producer), Slavina (artist and porno activist) and Lorenzo Rossi (critic), assigns:

* Best Short Film (300 €)


MOTIVATION Because it tells and stages the transforming power of desire through universal and primary themes such as sex and death.

SYNOPSIS Elisa is a university teacher whose partner is seriously ill. The arrival of Michel, the new and young neighbour, rekindles her desire. And the desire to live. A poignant and intimate melon, in which to love means to be born again.

* Special Mention *

BOTANICA by Noël Loozen (2017, Netherlands, 13 ').

Because even in a contemporary garden of Eden, the temple of consumerism, vice, love over all prejudices.

* Special Mention *

SIMBIOSIS CARNAL by Rocío Álvarez (2017, Belgium, 10 ').

Because he tells us through a symphony of forms and colours the history of heterosexuality proposing a possible liberation from oppression, conditioning and moralism.

* Best Short Film XXX 300 €)

FROSTBITE by Laura Rämö, Luna Kuu, Martin Jäger (2018, Finland, 18 ')

MOTIVATION Because through a representation rich in symbols transmits the freshness and warmth of an ecosexual dream that becomes living matter.

SYNOPSIS Getting to know each other for a long time and yet suddenly discover the attraction for each other wrapped in the heat of a sauna. What transfigures between the vapours and leaves room for bondage in this episode of the XConfessions series, the first ever made in Finland.

* Special Mention *

LAMENTO DELLA NINFA by Matock (2018, Francia, 7'). 

Because he manages to make the Lament of the Nymph of Monteverdi become a joyful and liberating song, moving on the fragile equilibrium between pain and pleasure.

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