Jean Santos

by Jean Santos 2018/Brazil/98'
Thursday 17 at 11:30

In Recife, on the Brazilian coast, Pina's neighborhood is witnessing mysterious events: the sky becomes multicolored and in the local supermarket everybody talks about a new product bearing the enigmatic name of "Primitive Love". What can it possibly be? Those who experienced it seem definitely happy with it. A psychedelic and queer tribute to hedonism and pansexuality, where those who dare can get whatever they want.

C. Huston, J. Lyons

by C. Huston, Joe Rubin 2018/USA/74'
Thursday 17 - 16:30

Andrea, a cam girl mentally unbalanced, receives a job offer to work as a model and moves to Los Angeles. She will soon discover the dark side of the City of Angels, getting mixed up with drug, violence and exploitation. A claustrophobic and desperate thriller, in between Paul Morrissey and Cinema of Transgression, shot on 16mm. With William Margold, director and performer of the Golden Age of Porn, in his final appearance.

Rene Eller
WE (Wij)

WE (Wij)
by Rene Heller 2018/The Netherlands, Belgium/100'
Friday 18 - 14:30

A village on the border between Belgium and Holland, the arrival of summer, eight teenagers. They have one thing in common: a desire to discover the world, with an impulse to break all the rules. Brought together by a need to let go of their sex drive, they indulge in sex in a joyful way. But when innocence gives way to new instincts, they go too far and their game starts turning into something dangerous. And with ominous consequences...

Rosario Gallardo

by Rosario Gallardo 2018/Italy/59'
Friday 18 - 17:00

Can four people connected by desire be called a family? Two couples, in their Twenties and Forties, are on their way to Rome for a performance in a post-porn festival. They take this chance to shoot a sex movie, where they not only have a lot of sex, but also become aware of their relationship... In his first feature film, director Rosario Gallardo comes back to Fish&Chips with a movie that rejects pretence, shot on a camper within five days.

Jan Henrik Stahlberg
BEDBUGS (Fikkefuchs)

BEDBUGS (Fikkefuchs)
by Jan Henrik Stahlberg 2017/Germany/100'
Friday 18 - 20:30

Rocky, almost 50, a womaniser in his past (that he would still like to be his present), has never met his son, a sex addict who grew up adoring him. When the boy escapes from a mental institution and seeks shelter at his place, two different worlds meet… and clash. A surprising comedy, politically incorrect, exploring in a hilarious and bitter way the concept of manhood and how it has changed in the era of social networks.

Olga Chajdas

by Olga Chajdas 2018/Poland/130'
Saturday 19 - 18:00

After 20 years of marriage, Nina and Wojtek's relationship seems to have reached a dead end, also due to many failed attempts at having a baby. Determined not to give up, when the couple meets Magda, a strong and independent young woman, they decide to ask her to become the surrogate mother of their child. A delicate situation that takes an unexpected turn when Nina finds herself attracted by Magda...

Antoine Desrosières
SEXTAPE (À genoux les gars)

SEX TAPE (À genoux les gars)
by Antoine Desrosières 2018/France/98'
Saturday 19 - 20:30

How did Yasmina, a dorky teenager, end up in Salim and Majid's car? It seems that, in the absence of her sister Rim, she was taking the opportunity of... let's say... letting loose. Unfortunately it all got into a movie that Salim and Majid are using to blackmail her. But Yasmina finds in herself unsuspected courage and audacity and what could have been a tragedy becomes for the girl the beginning of a new life. An unconventional comedy on slut shaming presented at Cannes 2018.

Maria Beatty

by Maria Beatty 2017/France/75'
Saturday 19 - 22.30

Veteran director Maria Beatty, already at Fish&Chips in 2017 with Feed: the Last Supper, brings once again on the big screen her personal fetish world, where differences between sexes disappear and bodies go through an endless mutation, like an immortal cocoon. A decadent and lustful initiation story that leaves behind the concept of gender (genre?) and revolutionizes transgender eroticism.

Lívia Cheibub

by Lidia Cheibub 2018/Germany, USA/48'
Sunday 19 - 19:30

Joana (Maria Riot) has just moved from Argentina to Berlin, a city to which she has always been attracted especially from a human point of view. One night she meets the mysterious Thomas (Parker Marx) and it's instant attraction. She begins a relationship with Thomas, who seems to love surrounding himself in mystery. A romantic and intimate tale, based on a true story, where sex and tenderness go hand in hand.


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